Did you know:

With Hosted
Services, users can work on the
same file from two different
offices at the same time.  Even
if they are in different cities. 
HOW ABOUT THAT! Remote Support


From here you can install our remote support application and instantly connect to a technician who can fix your problems. Request support for your email issues, network issues, printing issues; just about anything.


Remote Support is billed in half-hour increments at the rate of $95/hour.

If you have a support plan, rates are billed at your discounted rate or reduced from your next scheduled dispatch.


Donwload the support application by clicking the Download link below.  Installation is free.  There is no obigation to use it, so have piece of mind knowing support is just a click away.


                                                                DOWNLOAD SUPPORT



  • Choose Open or Run after clicking above.  (Note: You may need to click Run twice to begin install)

  • Follow prompts and click Next through install screens

  • Upon completion, click Finish button to complete install.

    • If you do not wish to use Remote Support at this time, uncheck Launch Remote Support and click Finish button.


  TO USE Remote Support

  • Click Start button-->go to Programs (or All Programs)--> Remote Support (see below)